Farm Cat

Coloring this amazing picture can be a tricky task since we need to bring out the theme perfectly well. The cat is chasing the small mice on the farm so that it does not destroy the crops. We see the mice running very fast and the cat is behind it trying to catch it. The mice have a long tail and it is swinging on the air as it is trying to run away. To paint the mice, it is advisable to use a mixture of brown and black color. The ears of this mouse are up right and the eyes are very wide open to see the direction from which the cat is coming from. The eyes of the mice can be painted with black and white color to make them visible in this amazing picture. To keep the mice away from the farm, there is always a cat around the farm to keep them away any time they invade the garden. The cat is having fun as it is trying to catch up with the mice. To paint the cat, you need to choose your shade very keenly in order to bring out a perfect theme for this photo. You can use a mixture of grey, black and white color to paint this beautiful and amazing cat. These colors can be alternated one after the other all over the body of this cat. The cat also a ribbon on its neck and this can be painted using any bright color. As for the background, you can use green color to represent the environment around the farm.

To keep the mice away the farm cat chase them away.
The mice run whenever they see the cat.

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