Farm Dog

This is an amazing picture of a farm dog who is relaxed outside and enjoying his food from the bowl. Coloring this picture so that it can bring out the expected theme can be quite tricky and involving. To start with, we can paint the bowl which seems to have some food on it. Paint this bowl on the outside using any color of your choice as this will rhyme well with the surrounding background. You can paint the food using brown or white color whichever you prefer. As you can see from the picture, this farm dog is holding a big bone using his mouth. This bone can be painted using a light brown color. This farm dog looks very healthy from what you see on this picture. The dog is happy and is feeding on bones and any other type of food which is inside the bowl. The ears of the farm dog are large and upright. You can paint the ears with black, white or brown color whichever you like most as long as it will perfectly match with other parts of the body. The dog also has a chain around its neck and this can be painted using grey or silver color. The dog’s tail is big and waving in the air. You can paint it with either black or white color. For the body of this farm dog, use a mixture of brown, black, white or grey depending on your color preferences. Use a suitable background color that will blend well with what you have already painted on this farm dog.

The farm dog in the coloring page really looks healthy.
Maybe because his bowl has always food on it.
And aside from the food in the bowl he has also his bone in his mouth.

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