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Coloring this big farm truck can be very confusing if you are not keen in choosing the right colors to paint different parts of the truck as well as the surrounding environment. Farm trucks are very useful to the farmers since they are used in carrying crops, grains, animals as well as hay from the farm after harvest. This farm truck is carrying some hay and its moving on a narrow path. It would be appropriate to paint the hay with green color is it shows that the hay has just been harvested from the farm and it is being taken home to dry. The farm truck on this picture has four big wheels which need to be painted with an incredible color so that the truck can look stylish and stunning. The outer rubber part of the wheels can be painted with black color while the inner metallic part can be painted with white color. This will definitely give the wheels an appealing and amazing finish. The two headlights of the truck can be painted with orange color to indicate light. The entire body of the truck can then be painted with grey color or any other color of your choice as long as it matches well with the other painted parts. For the path, it would be best if you paint it with brown color to represent the surface on where the truck is traveling along. The trees on the side of the farm truck can be painted with green color.

Farm truck are very useful for farmers.
It gives them big help in the farm.
In the coloring page it carries their crops, grains, hay and animals.

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