Fat Cat

Coloring this picture can be a bit tricky because you need to bring out the right theme of this amazing picture of a fat cat lying on his bed. This fat cat is fully satisfied because he is holding a bowl full of food on his stomach. The cat looks happy and his stomach is big with a bowl of food by his side. To start with, you can paint the bowl with any bright color as long as it will match with the other colors you will have painted the surrounding. The fat cat has some long hairs/beards around his mouth. These hairs can perfectly be painted with grey, white, brown or black color. As you can see from the picture, the cat is relaxed and he has closed his eyes. You can decide to paint the cat’s face with either black or white color so that it can match well with the hairs around the mouth. The fat cat also has small ears which are standing upright. The ears can be painted using black or white color whichever you prefer most as long as it will match with the other colors. The fat cat also has a long fat tail which is hanging on the bed where he is lying. A white shade would be perfect on the tail of this fat cat. For the bed, you can paint it with any color you prefer as long as it matches with the other colors on the cat’s body.

Wow look how fat this cat.
Laying in his bed with a food in a bowl on his stomach and also at the side.
He surely look full and satisfied.

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