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Father Cat and Kitten

Coloring this incredible picture of father cat and kitten can be confusing if you don’t choose the colors well. As you can see from the picture, the kitten is holding a mouse and showing it to his father. Father cat is very happy and proud that his kitten can now catch his own mouse without his assistance. Father cat has long hairs around his face and he has opened his eyes wide to see what the kitten is carrying. To make this picture amazing, it would be appropriate to start painting father cat. First, you should paint his hairs with grey, black or white color. For the eyes, you can use white and black shades so they can rhyme well the color on his face. Paint father cat’s face with grey color. You can as well paint father cat body with grey color but for the long tail you can choose black color. For the kitten you need to choose appealing colors that will make him very attractive than his father. Paint kitten’s body as well as the tail with grey color. The small kitten has no hairs around his face like his father. This kitten has small eyes and they should be painted with black and white shades. Since kitten’s face is small, it would be perfect to paint with white color to make it more attractive. Finally you can use brown color to paint the mouse which the kitten is holding. Choose an appropriate color for the background provided it is a bright color that will match well with other colors in the drawing.
It makes father cat really very proud that the kitten can catch his own mouse.

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