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Father Dog and Puppies

This is a picture of a father dog and his puppies. Puppies have brought a huge bone to their father to show their love for him and he is very happy. It is an interesting picture and coloring it will make it more interesting and attractive. When coloring this picture use different shades for the various parts of it. You start by coloring the cute puppies first. You can use shades of light brown and grey to color them and make them look cute. The father dog is also smart and his fur is well combed. Using a dark brown shade to color his fur will make him look good. The dogs are also wearing ties around their necks and coloring these ties with bright colors will make them look good. Use a light pink shade to color the ties for the puppies and light blue for the father dog tie. Then use a dark grey shade to color their noses. The hat of father dog can be colored with a blue shade to look really nice. After coloring the dog and its puppies color the bone that the puppies are carrying with a white shade. There are love hearts above the puppies’ heads which show that there are full of love for their dad. Color these love hearts with a red shade or pink shade to make them conspicuous. Finally color the background to complete the picture. Color the bushes around the dogs green and the rest of the back ground with a sky blue shade.

Father dog is really happy.
The puppies brought a huge bone for their father.
Puppies shows there love to there father.

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