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A coloring page of a beautiful flower fairy flying round the flowers.
Taking good care of the flowers to grow beautiful just like her.
Help the flower fairy by coloring the page.

Do you wonder why our garden or forest looks amazing and beautiful?  Maybe there are fairies that take care of the flowers and the trees. Just like the one in the drawing. They have magic that make a flower bloom beautifully. With a touch or a swing of her magic wand she can make wonderful things. Make a tree grow big or the flowers be more colorful.

But not only the flower fairy can do magic with her wand. You can also do magic by adding colors to the picture. Instead of a magic wand used the brush that is provided at the toolbars and adjust the size depending on you. To see it more closer just adjust the zoom in and out. There is a wide selection of color at our color palette to choose to start your magic. Get your imagination start working and imagine that you are the flower fairy and doing your job of taking care of the flowers. Think what color you want to see in the flower and most especially how would your dress, hair, wings, shoes, skin, eyes, lips and your magic wand would look like.

You can personalize a print copy by adding a text you want to appear.

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