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Flower Family

Picture perfect of a coloring page of a flower family.
On both sides are her little flowers.
A flower family shows love for each other.

Happy portrait of flowers with small flowers that looks like her children. They look happy and they love each other that are shown by the hearts shape around them.

A simple picture that suits for kids or toddlers who are starting to learn how to color. All you need is just print and give the copy to them to enjoy their coloring time. They will surely love and enjoy coloring a family of flowers that looks so lovely.

Even toddlers or kids can do it also by online.  They will surely love it this way because they will feel as if they are playing. Just show them how to select the brush size and colors at the palette with the guide of the cursor. Interact with your kids while coloring like having a simple teaching session. Ask them what should be the color of the leaves, the color of the heart; what do they want to apply color to flowers. And in case they want to change the color they can erase it with using the faucet icon that says wash. The good thing with online is you can erase it immediately and not to start from scratch while if you color it manually in a paper you need to start again if incase you colored it wrong.

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