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Beautiful forest fairy taking care of the forest.
Maintaining the beautiful forest.
Color this coloring page to help the forest fairy to make the forest beautiful.

A forest fairy is magical creature that is protecting and the one taking care of the forest. She is so beautiful and has a lovely long hair. She looks tall and has a slender figure. Flowers surround here dress and body as accessories that make her more stunning. Flowers perfectly decorated around her. She raises her magical wand to shower her magic to the plants that she is protecting.

Kids love to hear stories of fairies especially girls. While telling story about fairy you can let the kid start the coloring activity. Ask if they want it to color thru online or they want to color it manually with the use of crayons and other coloring stuff. Both are fun to do. If they do it online they should start choosing the size of their brush. Then if they think to picture is small they can zoom it larger so that they can color it perfectly. After that they can choose the color they want to make the picture more magical. They will feel as if they were the forest fairy as they put each color on it. Bright or pastel colors will be lovely on it. When the kids are done they will surely love there work.

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