Coloring page Giraffe is an amazing creatures.
Aside from there beautiful long neck they also have beautiful patches of color on their fur.
They are so tall that they can eat leaves from tall trees.

Kids do you know what is this? Yes it is a giraffe. They say that this is the tallest mammal in the world.  They have long neck and legs. Do you know that because of their long legs they can run fast as 35 miles an hour in short distance and if long distance around 10 miles an hour. Their height has a great advantage for them. One advantage is they can eat buds and leaves from the top of a tree that other animals cannot reach just like in the picture. You would not believe that their tongue is also long. It measures 21 inches or 53 centimeters. Just like cows they eat almost all the time. Because of their height they can keep a lookout for predators around them even in a long distance. Their spotted coats are beautiful to look at but each of them have different pattern.

Tell this to your kids while they color this page. Not only will enjoy what they are doing they will also learn something about giraffe. Let them choose how they want to color it, if they want it to be printed or color it online. If they want it online, let them pick the colors needed at the color palette shown. Choose the right brush size needed. Zoom it in or out to color perfectly.

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