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In a garden sometimes there live a gnome.
This coloring page shows a gnome with his lamp the guards the garden.
Gnome sometimes guards buried treasure so you better watch out.

Kids what do you think is he? He is a gnome. They look like a dwarf that lives below the ground and they guard buried treasure.  They wear hats that are red and sometimes they have pipes. Sometimes they have beard.

Look at him strolling in the garden. Holding a lamp to light and guide him in the dark. He looks so happy and excited. Maybe he wants to check the treasure that he is guarding. Can you imagine the treasure he has? His garden looks so beautiful. So kids make the page more beautiful by adding color on it. You can either print this and color it with your crayons or just do it online. Everything you need to do online is here. We have the brush you can use.  All you need is just decide what size you want for your brush. There are colors that you can choose to make the picture colorful. If you have difficulty with the little images or part you can zoom it in. And in case you want to change the color or not satisfied you can wash it off. It is easy to use. Just click the color and point where you want it to be.

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