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In a small bowl there live a cute goldfish.
Swimming around the little castle to play.
Color this cute coloring page of a goldfish. 

Wow! Look how dull the goldfish look like in the aquarium and it look so sad. Even thou it has a beautiful little castle to roam around. What do you think we can do to help the fish? Can you think of a way to help the goldfish? Do you see anything at the aquarium aside from gold fish and the castle? What else do you see? Now let us do some fun activity. Pick which way you want to color this picture. Print this and color it using your own hands and color materials like crayons and other stuff or just us the technology and do it online. If you do it online it has everything you need to do your coloring. Just choose the brush and its size then pick from our selection of colors at the palette, zoom in it or out as you desire or needed and incase there are errors just click wash do redo it. There is also a way to make it personalize by adding cute message or text on it. And after you finish doing it online print it as a souvenir. Whatever you decide how to do it will be fun.

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