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The man in the coloring page is ready to hit the golf ball.
Lifting his club ready to make a hole in one.
Golf is surely a fun sport for all ages.

Because of a beautiful day he decides to play golf. The man is in his comfortable short and shirt with a cup to protect his head swaying his golf club to hit the golf ball. He looks happy and excited while playing and making sure he has a hole in one. This game is played in a course that is composing of nine or eighteen holes. To hit the ball there are different golf club that can be use to different holes in the course but use less stroke as much as possible the course he play has so many tress around him that will lessen the heat of the sun and make it more comfortable to play. He already started to sway his golf club so we better start also our coloring to make it more perfect and use the brush provided tools needed that surrounds the picture. Color the leaves of the tree green and same goes to the grass and bushes. Then decide which color to choose for the short, shirt, shoes, socks and his cap. Maybe some pastel color can be good but still it is up to you. All you need to do to start is choose the right brush size and point the cursor to the color you want. There are also those options that you can zoom it in and out and wash or erase the unwanted color.

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