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Halloween Kids

Kids love Halloween.
Just like in the coloring page they can dress up like witches or a vampire and do trick-or-treating during Halloween.
There basket are full of candies from going to house to house.

Dress in their Halloween costume as a witch and a vampire they sure look great and look one. The girl holding a broom with her witch attire and other accessories like a bottle hanging in her dress that look like one of her potion. And the boy in a vampire attire make it look real with his fangs on, cape, blood stain shirt and a bat at his back that look like following him. Trick a treat is one occasion that children are waiting every year. The kids look really excited and have for the all the candy treats they have in their Halloween pale that is full of candies.

And now all you need to do is enlighten the mood of our Halloween kids by adding colors on them. Start clicking the brush on which size, zoom it if needed to see the picture in a larger frame, then choose the colors that you need to emphasize more the costume of their vampire and witch. Let your mind wonder and imagine the time you also did this and enjoy collecting candies from house to house. If done coloring gift a printed copy to your friends as a souvenir and put a simple and sweet note on it by clicking the text.

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