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Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin is one trademark during Halloween.
This are made by cutting the top of the pumpkin forming a lid then the flesh are scooped out and monstrous face are carved in it shown in this coloring page.
Halloween pumpkin or other also called this jack o’lantern that can be seen always during Halloween. This can be seen at doorsteps and used as decoration before and after the Halloween. To be able to do one just cut the top in a lid form then remove the flesh inside. After removing it out carve in design you want like a comical face, monster or anything you prefer. To make it more attracting do a lantern effect by putting a candle or also a tea light. With this it will provide flickering light effect to make it spookier.

From the color palette choose orange for the pumpkin and green for the leaves. Then pick the brush size you prefer. There is also an option where you can enlarge the image by zoom. And if there are chances that you want to change the color just click the wash that has faucet image at the toolbars that we provided. After coloring add a text about Halloween then print copies that you can give to your family and friends. If you want it to be more personalized and personally color it just print a bare copy. Simple gift that can have a great effect to the person.


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