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Haunted House 2

On the top of a hill under the full moon is a haunted house. By the look of the house it really is scary and spooky. Bats surround the house. A dead tree at the side. And ghosts that are flying around. The old house looks old that is why it make it scarier. Maybe because no one lives at the house the ghost lives there instead. If you pass by in this kind of neighborhood would you be tempted to sneak in and get the curiosity out of you? If you ask me I would not even step pass the gate. My knees will surely give in. Feeling the cold air will surely give you goose bump.

While you do the coloring with this coloring page you can share scary story. If you prefer doing coloring online it will be easy. See the brush size; all you need to do is choose which size you want from the paint or magic brush that you choose. Then choose the desired color maybe prefer those dark colors to get the scary look of the picture.  To make it more personal you can put a simple text in it. You can also color it using crayons by printing a copy of it.

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