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Haunted House

No one dares to go to the haunted house.
A spooky place that has a ghost around it.
And it looks more scary during full moon.
Make it more spooky by coloring this haunted house coloring page.

Spooky as it is, this haunted house sure look very haunted especially during full moon. Surrounded by ghosts, the house itself is haunted. Dead trees that did not survive maybe because the house is haunted. Look at the eyes and how it looks at you. The teeth of the house at the door that will surely tear you up if you try to enter the house. If outside looks scary what do you think can you see inside. Maybe much scarier and more ghost inside. You will surely think twice or trice if you want to enter in this kind of house. If you love you self better think many times or you might get a heart attack. The house look very old.

Now let us start coloring and make this page to look scarier and spookier. Use dark colors or dull ones like gray and black. Decide what size of brush you need to use. Choose the colors at the palette then if you need to adjust the size of the image just click the zoom. You can adjust everything in the toolbars the way you want it. If you want to change or redo the color you can erase it and you don’t need to restart from the start or redo the page.

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