A cute hedgehog that is waiting to be colored using the tools that is provided surrounding the coloring pageThere are different colors at the side that you can choose. Below is the brush where you can adjust the size depending on you. You have the option to adjust the sounds of each stroke you do. Enlarge the image or vice versa using the zoom. Other tool that is provided is you can choose between magic brush and paint brush, there are also the paint bucket, text and wash. You can also save and print a copy of this.
Happy being in the forest and strolling around. He is not afraid roaming around because he knows he can defend himself from his attackers. Their spines are used to protect them and if they can sense that they are in danger they curl up into a ball.  At least they have 5000 spines that last around a year then it drop out and a new one will grow. During the day they spend it sleeping under thick shrubs or bushes in a nest and they come out at night. For those people that has great patience and dedication this can be a great pet for them.

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