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Hen and Chicks

Coloring page in a farm there is a mother hen waiting for her eggs to crack. Waiting along with her are her two chicks who where the first two to get out of the egg shell. There are at least five eggs in the nest. The hen is excited to see her other chicks and the two chicks that are out are also excited to see their brothers and sisters. The farm looks so beautiful and the hen and chicks looks very healthy. The hen always there to protect her children whether they are in the shell or out already. She loves them all.

While they wait for the eggs to hatch let this scene be a perfect picture moment by adding colors to make it livelier. Everything you need in doing coloring online is here. The brush are ready it only need the size that you prefer to use. There are options which brush you want to use if magic or paint brush. The palette that has different colors to choose from. To enlarge the image or if incase you want it to be smaller just adjust the zoom. Add a text that will tell this exciting moment. And if you encounter errors in the color just click wash and it will erase the color.

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