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Herding Cows

A cowboy in the coloring page is busy herding his cows. He is riding a horse to have a perfect view of them and a rope in his hand just in case the cows run away. The field is beautiful and the cows enjoy the place. The cowboy, the horse and the cows looks very happy. In herding cows, one should posse’s patience in gathering the group of cows and knowledge of the area because you need to from one area to another area.

The page looks amazing. Let it make it more amazing by adding colors on it. Imagine that you are the one herding the cows in a farm with a beautiful background mountain. You have the power to choose what color is your horse, your cowboy attire, the cows but for others like the sun, mountain and trees I guess there true colors are needed in it. All the colors that you will need are there in the palette. There is also brush where you can choose from magic or paint brush. Zoom is available to enlarge or minimize the image. If needed to erase a particular color just clicks the wash and the color will be erase. After done coloring you can save or print as a souvenir.

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