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Create great stories using this coloring page about hero vs. demon. A hero is a strong and brave person. The demon change into a cloud like form. He wants to beat the hero to destroy the world. But the hero will do his best to protect the world and us. He uses his powerful shield and sword to fight the demon with all his might.

While you narrate a story kids can do there coloring. They can color it two ways. One is to print a copy of it and color it using your crayons, watercolor, color pencil and other coloring materials. And another way is to do it online. Everything you need to start your coloring is there. We provide the brush, colors, eraser and more. There are also options where you can adjust the brush, zoom and sounds as you prefer the way you want. Now start to color by choosing the colors that you want to use. Maybe like for the hair it is nice to be black or brown. Then for his armor and shield some kind of red. For the boots can be black. And for the demon maybe some kind of gray and black will do. Imagination is needed in coloring.

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