Look at the coloring page; this is a hippo or hippopotamus. They say that in mammal this is the third largest one after the elephant and rhinosaurus. The hippo is ready to go to the water to submerge to cool down under the hot sun. Usually they spend more or less sixteen hours in a day submerged in lakes, rivers or any body of water. Because they spend most of their time in submergining in water they are good swimmer and also they can hold their breath for more or less than five minutes underwater. Look at the hippo’s eyes and nostrils, you can see them high in their heads that give them advantage to see and breathe at the same time even they are more submerge in the water.

Now let us start coloring while getting to know hippo. Color his surroundings to make him feel at home and so that he can relax in the water. Look at the page clearly and see where the water area is. Now let’s start the magic and pick the colors in the palette that would be appropriate to be use. Let us pick which brush is needed to used and its size.

Another trivia about them is the Greek hippo means horse they were previously called river horses.

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