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This coloring page is hockey more specific ice hockey. There are different kind of hockey; the field hockey, roller hockey and ice hockey.  Why this page is an ice hockey? It is because the player is wearing an ice skate. The difference among this different hockey is that in field hockey is played in an indoor or outdoor using a ball while roller hockey used roller skate and played in a roller hockey rink.

The player is full attire equip really ready to play hard because this game is one of extreme sports that need strength, speed and tactic. Not only has it needed physical but also mental and emotional strength. He is ready to score in their team goal because he has the hockey puck. He needs to go to their goal and by pass all opponents with this speed and tactics.

If you are the player what color do you want for your ice hockey uniform? Pick the colors at the palette at the side. Now decide what brush to use at what size you want. If you want to zoom it in just adjust the zoom option. Put your name of a description in it by clicking the text. And in case you want to change the color just click wash which means it will erase the color.  You can save and print it for souvenir.

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