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Horse and Foal

A horse and a foal in the coloring page having quality time with each other. Happily playing under the sun in a beautiful surrounding. The horse is so happy with her foal. The love on their faces shows especially how they look each other. It looks like the mother horse will do everything for the foal. She is taking the foal on a walk or run to train and be familiarizing at the surroundings. If you are wondering why it is called a foal it is because the horse is still a year old or maybe younger. After a year old this will not be called foal but yearling. When it reach the age of three or maybe four they will be called colt if male and if it is female it will be called filly.

Let make this more a memorable moment by adding colors on the page. If you have a horse and a foal which color you prefer? Choose which kind of brush you want and the size of the brush. Choose from the color palette that you desire for their color. You can adjust the size of brush, enlarge the image, and the background sound every time you stroke the brush.

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