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Horse and Girl

Look how cute the girl in the coloring page. The girl is giving the horse an apple to eat. The horse really looks excited and happy of the apple. She loves her horse so much that she makes sure that her horse is happy and make sure to show how much she love the horse. Have you ever taught of taking care of a horse? Will you do the same just like the girl in the page? Having a horse will surely be fun because you can play around with them and ride one. Go to places while riding a horse will surely be exciting. Taking care of a horse is a big responsibility but if you love one it will not be a burden.

If you have a horse what color should it be? There are different colors that you can choose in the palette. To make it more fun you can choose which kind of brush you want if the magic or paint brush. Determine the size of the brush you want to use then start coloring. If you are not satisfied with the size of the image you can adjust the zoom.  Coloring online is fun same goes if you want to print and color it using your crayons.

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