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Horse and Wagon

Coloring page of a cowboy riding in his wagon with two horses. During in the old west covered wagon are there means of transport. Horses are used to pull the wagon because they can run and travel fast. Because of it they are ideal to use in travelling. What do you think is inside the wagon? There are a lot can be put at the wagon. It can be food, things or materials and even people travelling from one place to another. Imagine that you are the cowboy and need to transport food in a town or province. You need to travel as soon as possible and fast so that the food would not go to waste. That is how important wagon and horses in the past because without it will took weeks or months just to travel.

Now imagine that you are in the old west and imagine what it should look like then. After you have picture out what it look like now pick a brush from magic or paint. Choose which color should be appropriate for the horse, cowboy, wagon and the environment. To be able to color accurately you can zoom it in or out if needed. After done coloring you can save it in your computer.

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