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Horse Jumping

Do you know what kind of sport is this in the coloring page? This is an equestrianism but some called it horse riding. Look how the boy is riding the horse, he enjoys it so much and same goes for the horse. They jump the fence so high without touching the fence itself. But before riding the horse you should have helmet just like the boy is using just in case you fall your head is protected. And be sure to hold on tightly the rope so that you won’t fall. If you fall you might get injured. Always remember if you want to ride one always be careful and be alert. Riding a horse is fun but precaution is needed.

And now let start coloring the page with the use of our artistic imagination. Everything you need to start coloring online is provided. From the color palette, brush, eraser and option for adjusting the size. Think what color of your horse should look like then point the cursor of brush at the color then touch what part of the picture you want it until you are done. If you think there are part of the picture is a bit small you can enlarge it by adjusting the zoom. And if you change your mind for the color just click the wash and the color will be erase.

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