A beautiful coloring page of a horse proudly standing so that you can have a better view. If you have a horse what color do you want it to be? Choose the color at the palette. You can also get a different color for his body, hair and tail. Color the beautiful background as if you are in a forest or in a barn with more on green. Pick which brush you want to use from paint or magic brush. To color them accurately choose the right brush and enlarge it by adjusting the zoom. Adding a text or description can make it more personalize. If you want to change the color or decide another you can change it by clicking wash which can erase the color. This is the good thing in coloring online because you don’t need to start again to color from the beginning or restart the whole page.

Horses express their feeling and mood thru their eyes, ears, nostrils and facial expression riding one of them will give you great feeling and accomplishment. Human and horses have been interacting ever since may it be recreation or sports, entertainment and work. There are sports that use horses and some uses them in agriculture or farming and some police uses horse while patrolling.


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