Hound Dog

A coloring page of a cute hound dog walking in the forest maybe hunting because this kind of dog is known for its hunting ability for its stamina and being focus. They have amazing traits to track and find prey. He looks so cute and happy playing with the butterfly. His long ear that is almost touching the ground and his long slender body that is perfect for him. He also has those fluffy eyes that are cute and adorable. I am sure that his owner loves him. Maybe it is his free time that is why he is playing and having a great time with the butterfly.

Now let make him look more cute and adorable by coloring the page. Choose if you want to do it online or color it using your own hands with you coloring materials. If you want to do it using your hands just print a copy as many as you want just in case you want to redo or encounter an error. And if you want to do it online everything you need to start is at the page. There are the brush where you can choose from magic or paint brush and can adjust the size same goes if you want to zoom it in or out, the color palette and other necessary tools you need.

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