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See in the coloring page a boy fishing in the ice. The fishing area is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. A cold weather is difficult to go fishing especially if you are not in proper attire. The water is solid ice and you will think it is impossible to fish. But the boy did not think this will be a problem. Instead he wears a thick fur cloth, booths, gloves, scarf and a hat that will help him thru the cold so that he can fish. He sat in a stool with his fishing rod, bait and a pail at the side. He already caught a fish and waiting for another one. The technique that he did to be able to fish even the water was already was ice was cut a hole in the ice.

Let us start doing your online coloring by choosing a brush you want to choose from paint or magic brush then adjust the size if necessary. There are different colors you can choose from the palette that can make the page beautiful to look at and especially the scenery. Zoom is provided to adjust the size and if incase you want to change the color or undo it you can click the wash.

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