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Indian and Pilgrim

An Indian girl and a pilgrim boy are facing each other in the coloring page. It shows that they have a wonderful bounty harvest by exchanging there harvested fruits and vegetables. They show how grateful they are with what they have received. Look how the fruits and vegetables and the Indian girl and the pilgrim boy, what do you think is lacking? Let us add color to make this memorable moment. You can choose how you want it to do it. One you can print and then color it on your own using different coloring materials you have. Another way is by online. Instead of the usual coloring materials like crayons, watercolor and other, you use the color palette provided. To start coloring used the paint brush or magic brush that can be seen below the page. Then just drag the brush on the color you want to use and apply where you want it to be. If the image is a bit small for you, just adjust the zoom they way you want it to see. If you want to change the color there is a faucet image which indicates as wash below the image that can erase the color. If you want to print after you have color it you can add a text first to make it personalize.

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