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An Indian holding an ax waiving while riding in his horse. The coloring page looks like he is a village. There Indian tents around him. He looks very excited. Maybe he is going hunting to look for food while the sun is up. With his attire of warrior shirt and pants he looks like a warrior ready to protect the people around him and his love ones. He looks strong and brave. One traits of Indian that can be seen easily. Do you want to be like the Indian? Imagine you are one what color would you like for your horse? For your clothes more appropriate color is brown or near the color of the brown. If you live in their village what color would you like your tent look like? Everything you need to color online is provided. There are different colors to choose at the palette at the side. The brush is below the image, the magic and paint brush that you can choose. Zoom can be adjusted so that you can enlarge and minimize the picture depends on how you want to see it. You have also the option if you want some sound effects while you color. And in case you want to erase or redo the color just click the wash that has a faucet look.

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