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Guess what is in the coloring page?! Yes, it is a jack in a box! It is a toy for children and can also for adult that has a heart of a kid. Just like that is shown in the page is consist of a box that has a crank. Just turn the crank and it will play a music or melody like pop goes the weasel then when the music is done the lid will open and a toy or a clown will pop up the box to surprise you. But there are some that will open randomly to make you startle much more. A wonderful gift to surprise someone.

Let us color our jack in the box and make the clown more colorful and playful. There are a lot of colors that are available in the palette to choose. Just drag the brush cursor to the color and then drag it where you want to color to be place. Enlarge the image using the zoom if you need to adjust the size of the image. And in case you want to change the color just click wash that has an image of a faucet. Make sure that the toy is colorful to attract people.

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