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Jack O Lanterns

Which is spookier from the two jack o lantern at the coloring page? Both have different carving at the pumpkin. This can be seen before, during and after Halloween. A decoration that is always present during this time of year. This can be seen in houses, malls, street and mostly all places. Making one can be used as bonding time with your family and friends. To make one you need a pumpkin, knife for carving, scoop to take out the content of pumpkin, some candles to be put inside the pumpkin for the light effect especially during the evening and some string or wire as handle. Cut a lid at the upper portion of the pumpkin, then scoop all the content inside, carve the face you want to appear and then add the string or wire above as handle and put the candle inside. That is how to make one.

And now we know how to do it, for the mean time all we need now for this page is color it to make it more attractive for Halloween. For the pumpkin drag the brush cursor at the orange color at the palette then drag it again at the pumpkin till it is filled with orange color. For the other items that can be seen choose the desire color. And in case you want to remove or change the color just click the wash that has an image of faucet.

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