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Jesus Baptised

In the coloring page is Jesus is being baptized by John. Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee. He saw John in Jordon baptizing. Jesus approaches John to baptize him. At first John was reluctant to do it because he knows who he is. But Jesus explains it and John did what he requested. When he came up from the water the heaven parted and a Spirit descend on him in a dove form. There was a voice that came out in the sky that said that He is his beloved Son that He is very well pleased. Read Mark 1: 9-11 to learn more about it.

Let us celebrate the baptizing of Jesus by making adding colors to this page. This is one of memorable event happen to Him. Everything looks perfect from the people and the scenery. All the colors that you will need are in the palette at the side of the image. Below is where you can adjust the size of brush either it is paint or magic brush. You will notice every time you stroke your brush there is a sound effect that can make it more entertaining. You can minimize or maximize it or even off the sound. Zoom is also available for you to adjust the size of the image. And in case you want to redo the color or remove just click the faucet image below and it will wash the color.

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