Jesus Heals

In the coloring page is Jesus healing a man that has leprosy. Jesus was in a town he encounter a man that has a leprosy, when he encounter Jesus he ask and beg facing the ground to make him clean. His hand, feet and maybe whole body is covered with bandage to cover his disease. Without second thought Jesus reached and touches the man that has leprosy all over his body and immediately the leprosy was gone and he was healed.

As you can see now leprosy can be cured if treated but during the time of Jesus once you had one people will stay away from you. No one would want to be near or touch a person with leprosy.

Now let us color this page and if you are done save it and share it in your social media site accounts. The tools that needed are all provided in front of you. All you need to do is decide, adjust if needed, pick and drag. Online coloring will be fun. Decide if you want to used brush or paint bucket. Just drag the cursor to the color that you pick and drag it where it should be put. If incase you change your mind and want to change the color just click the faucet that you see in the toolbars to remove the color.

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