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Look at Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in the coloring page, see the love in their faces. This is the time baby Jesus was born in a manger. Even he was born in a manger it looks a perfect and memorable moment to remember. And during that time the star was shining brightly above the sky. They say because of this star the three kings were guided where Jesus was born. Along with baby Jesus where the animals and a shepherd who are also happy to see him.

Share this beautiful family moment to other social media sites so that they can also experience that coloring online is also another fun way of coloring. You won’t use crayons, color pencil or other coloring materials. But instead there are tool that are available along with the image. Instead of crayons you will use a cursor in a brush form. You can choose if you want to use the magic or paint brush. There is the color palette where you have a wide selection of colors to use by dragging the brush cursor on it then drag it to where you want the color to be. Other available tools that can be use and adjust depending on you are the brush size, zoom and sounds. And in case you want to remove the color you can click the one with a faucet image.

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