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A coloring page that shows a Jolly Roger flag. A flag that has a skull and a sword that is arrange in an X mark.  Anyone who sees a flag like this will surely tremble and be afraid. Better not cross a ship with a flag like this because it means it is a pirate ship. They say that pirates are bad people and can harm you. Mostly the cloth of the flag is in black and the skull is in white and the sword is in silver.

Now let play just pretend that you have a pirate ship. What do you want the color of your flag be? Will you stick with the color mostly used the black, white and silver or you want to make your own? Choose from the palette what color you want to apply by dragging the brush cursor.  You have an option what kind of brush cursor you want if magic or paint. They have the same purpose and effect. You can also adjust the size of the brush and the zoom on what size you want it to be. If you have a last minute decision to change the color you can still replace it by clicking wash that has an image of a faucet.

After you are done coloring save it and share you experience at here at different social media sites.

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