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Judas Betrayal

Betrayal can be scene in the coloring page just because of money. This happen after their Passover. Judas Iscariot one of the twelve apostles of Jesus betrays him. He sees the opportunity when Jesus went to Garden of Gethsemane to pray along with other disciples He brought a group of people armed with swords and clubs. They have already an arrangement that the man that he will kiss is the one will be arrested. But Jesus knew what Judas is planning. After He said to him that to do what he came for the armed men came forward and arrested Jesus. The other disciples of Jesus where shock and protested. It is a sad moment but while learning the story behind it colors it along. All the colors that you will need are at the color palette at the side. Just pick what brush you want to appear for the cursor if a magic or paint brush. To see much clearer the parts you want to color just adjust the zoom. Text can also be added if you are planning to print after coloring it online or even not yet colored. After coloring it online save it and share it thru different social media sites.

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