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Kid Sees Santa

Parents always remind their kids that girls and boys should always be good so that they will received presents from Santa on Christmas. Santa Claus knows who where good and boys during the whole year. Those who were good will receive the gift that they wanted to receive. Santa will go down in a chimney to put your present under the Christmas tree. Kids should be sleeping when he put the gift. Santa Claus sacks are full of toys and presents. But what happen here at the coloring page? A boy saw Santa Claus putting his gift. See the happiness at the face of the boy and excited. The expression of Santa face was shock and you can see that his eyes are wide open. He never expected that a kid will see him inside the house.

Make this coloring page colorful and show the spirit of Christmas even thou Santa was caught by a kid. Color Santa with red by pointing the cursor at red, then for the Christmas tree it can be green depending  on your choice and for the other stuff like the pajama of the boy, gift, toys the wall and more choose the desire colors you want it to look like.

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