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Kids Play in River

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Boys and girls bring out and wear you swimming attire. Let play and swim in the river. They look so happy playing ball while in the river. Beautiful scenery, clean water and it seems it has a great weather. Swimming and playing in the river is a great idea especially during hot or humid season. It is really nice take time to relax and unwind in cool water. Splash water to each other and have fun. What other things can we do or play when you are in the river?

Let us also have fun coloring this coloring page even we are not in the river playing. Coloring is also fun thing to do. Aside doing the old fashion using crayons, color pencil, water color or any coloring material you can do it online. Doing it online you don’t need those instead tools needed to start coloring online are provided. Pick which brush that you like to use; magic or paint brush and adjust the size of it. Then from the palette there are different colors that you can choose to attract the image more. Zoom is used to adjust the image if you want it minimize or enlarge it. Paint bucket will make coloring easy like spilling the paint in a particular area. Incase want to remove the color just use wash that has the faucet symbol.

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