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Kids excited opening their presents that are under the Christmas tree. Coloring page of a boy and a girl that surely love Christmas season. A Christmas tree that is present in this season with all the decors in it to make it more attractive and beautiful and perfect for the occasion. Smiles are place on the faces of the kids as they open there presents.  There are different toys scattered at the floor. There is a cute girl doll, teddy bear, trumpet, ball, book and more. Gifts that haven’t been touch or open are still there surrounding them ready to be open. Excited to know what are inside each gift. Surely every Christmas toys are always present as a gift to kids.

Color this happy moment of the kids opening there presents. Adding color will make it more memorable. It can enhance the picture with every color that will be added. Make it colorful as you can do. This will be great picture to be shared during Christmas using different social media sites to your friends. Coloring online is a modern way to color. All tools that needed to be use are provided. A great advantage of this is if you are not satisfied with color you can remove the color and not to start from scratch. Unlike coloring manually you need to start all over again if you don’t like the color nor did a mistake.

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