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Kitten and Mother Cat

A lovely scene show in the coloring page of a mother cat and kitten. The love they have for each other shows in their eyes and their expression. The eyes show every expression that you feel. Added by the two hearts say it more. The kitten shows her love for the mother cat thru giving her a flower. A simple token for everything she did in raising the kitten. Giving flowers is not the only way to show our love to our love ones. Even in simple ways will do like a smile, hug and other more.

Imagine yourself having a cat and a kitten in your house that you are taking care of what color would you like it to be if you have a choice? With the brush of your choice between magic and paint brush choose the color from the palette at the side. You can also use the paint bucket for easier and faster coloring online. Adjusting the size of the picture can be done with zoom. And if there is case that you want to remove or change the color you will find a tab that has a faucet picture on it that will wash the color or erase it. Adding a text can make the page personalize. After coloring online you can save it and share your experience thru social media sites to your friends.

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