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Kitten and Yarn

A cute little kitten in the coloring page with an adorable eye. The kitten surely is a girl because she has a ribbon above his head and a little cute scarf on her neck. She loves to play around most especially playing with yarn. She loves to roll on it until it is tangled to her. Her tail is long for a little kitten. She gives a cute smile that one will surely love to take her home or adopt one to take care. Aside from playing yarn kitten also love to play with other kittens.

You can also play and have fun. If the kitten plays with her yarn you can play by coloring the kitten. If you have a pet kitten what color you want her to be? And think of what color her ribbon should and scarf as if you are dressing her up. There are a lot of colors that you can choose. Think of a color for the yarn that can attract a kitten to play. Share this adorable kitten to your friends thru your social media sites. When doing online coloring you won’t need to worry the tools you will need because everything is provided already.

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