Last Supper

The coloring page is about the last supper of Jesus together with his twelve Apostles before he was crucified. All the tools that you will need coloring online are provided already. There is the brush that you can adjust the size, color palette, adjustable zoom, paint bucket, wash and you can add text if you want to. You can print and save a copy after you are done coloring. Share your experience thru your social media accounts and let your friends try them.

Coloring and learning at the same time will be fun. While coloring this page share the story about what was happening during this time. During their supper he told them that one of his apostles that are present will betray him. Each of one asks him if they are the one. He told them that the one that will accept the piece of bread that he had dipped will be the one. After he dipped it he gave it to Judas who is the son of Simon Iscariot.

 Here he took the wine and bread and ask his Father to bless it. He broke the bread into pieces and gives it to his disciples and after he took the wine and shares it with them.

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