Coloring page of a miracle that Jesus did to Lazarus, the resurrection of Lazarus. Even if Lazarus was dead already four days after the burial Jesus have bring him back to life. After what this miracle that he did more people put their faith to Jesus.

Color this happy and miraculous event with the tools provided to color online. Just imagine what should it look like and colors that should be used. All the colors that are needed are in the palette. All you need to do is just drag the cursor of the color of your choice. Brush size can be adjusted in your desire. Aside from brush that you can used there is other option to color it faster, the paint bucket. Adding text can be done to tell what the page all about is. Color can be change or remove by using wash, the one with the image of a faucet. After you are done coloring you can save your work. Aside coloring online you can also print a copy and color it manually. Either of the two option on how to color will always be fun. So while coloring let us remember what Jesus has done.

Read more at John 11:41-44.

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