They say lion is the king of the jungle. Here in the coloring page looks really one. Standing proud and all mighty in the forest. Animals mostly feared him. When they roar it can be heard even it is five miles away. Their color varies from light buff, yellowish, reddish or even dark brown coats. Tiger, jaguar and the leopard are the closest relatives of the lion. Most of the time the lion spend their time resting and in about 20 hours in a day they are inactive. Coloring online is fun. Share it thru social media sites.

Let us color the king of the jungle. Make it more look stronger. Animals will surely be afraid to be near him. All the colors that needed for the lion and the jungle can be seen at the color palette. Just point the brush cursor or paint bucket cursor at the color and point it again to where the color should be put. If you want to minimize or maximize the size just adjust the zoom until satisfied. Same goes for the brush size. Adding text can be done also. If incase you choose the wrong color and want to remove just click the picture that has faucet so that the color will be wash or erase.

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