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Loaves and Fishes

Choose which way you want to color this coloring page of loaves and fishes. Color it manually by printing a copy or copies to be colored using your coloring materials such as crayons, color pen, oil pastel and others. The other way to color is coloring online. All you need to color is there already. Instead of crayons you can choose what kind of brush cursor you want, either paint or magic brush. There is also the paint bucket also to choose. Size of the brush can be adjusted. Just drag the cursor to the color of your choice that you think is appropriate to be used. Zoom can be adjusted on the size you want it to be while coloring. To remove or delete the color can be done by using the wash, the one that has faucet in it. Text can be added also.

Here Jesus distributes loaves and fishes to the people that follow him and his apostles. Actually the foods that they only have are five loaves and two fishes only. There are more or less five thousand people that followed them which in the food they have are not enough. Jesus prayed and gives thanks while looking up to heaven then after he gave it to his disciples to distribute it to the people. With the food they have they have feed all the people. It was a miracle.

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