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Travel and patiently seeking for the treasure with the guide of a treasure map. The monkey pirate in the coloring page hits the jackpot. He looks all mighty with the treasure chest he had found. The treasure map that is in his tail surely is a genuine one and not a fake. Sure it was not difficult to follow the map. He is a lucky monkey to found this. Just be careful not to touch his found treasure because he has a sword with him and looks like he is very protective of it. The treasure chest has gold coins, pearls, necklace with gems, golden cup and more.

Now let get started. If the monkey pirate did not have difficulty finding the treasure, coloring online will be easy. Everything you will be needed to start coloring online. Start by choosing between what kinds of brush you want to use and if you want to use the paint bucket. All the colors that you will need are at the palette. Just point the cursor to the color and so on. When you are done save it and you can share it to your friends thru social media sites.

Printing a copy of the monkey pirate can also be done if you want to color it manually. 

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