A monkey in the coloring page eating a banana while hanging in a branch using his tail. He looks like he is enjoying his position while eating he doesn’t mind what position he is. As you know monkey are among of the funniest animals because of their curiosity, mischief, intelligence and adventurous. They live in forest or mountains most likely tropical rain forest. Love to eat fruits most especially banana. Just like human they have the same feeling as we are like love, hate, fear and compassion. You will see them cute and an intelligent animal. They love to hang and climb trees. There are different species that has its own characteristics in size, abilities, location and color.

To be able to color this page you should have an idea how and what is there color. We are sure that you have seen one even it is in books, television and other mode. Let start coloring by dragging the cursor at brown for the branch of the tree and then green for the leaves. For the banana used yellow. For the monkey it sometimes has one color but there are also has more than two from black, gray, olive green and brown. Choose which color you want for the monkey. When you are done save it and share it at different social media sites such as facebook.

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